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Yup!  I am a glass whoe.  And this rack is only about 1/3 of my stock.  There is Vetrofond, Effetre, Cim, Bullseye, Lauscha, 96 stock from OCR.  Then we have the silvered 104 specials that should be in a vault.

And to top these off, there is the borosilicate stock of 33 COE from various suppliers.  I might be a "hoarder"?  Bet my kids will think that when they have to deal with all this or if they have to...

Fired up the torch as the dark evenings are now getting longer and I was spending it outside with the horses..  

I love the colors in this boro set..

Saddle sadly for sale...

Upon the passing of our dearly beloved, Danny Boy, I no longer need a gaited saddle.  For sale here:

Where did summer go?

has it been that long?  !!!  Sheez.  Summer is just about over and about all I have done is work in the yard and ride.  Almost looking forward to rainy weather so as to get some lampwork and fusing art done as well as some watercolor painting...  clay would be good also..    whenever I feel the urge to clean house, I lay down till it passes.  (saw that sign somewhere)

I did get into the shop the other day and actually have some beads on ebay..  hurray..  I think this link will take you there...  click on the picture.  
I no longer maintain an Etsy store.  Maybe again down the road but I might put up some things in Ebay from time to time.
I have been enjoying the clay art world also.  Here is a raku piece I did this summer.

I love mornings here at our little ranch in Elk.  Spring brings a beautiful morning sunrise to our home that is a delight to watch over a cup of coffee.  I mostly enjoy watching how the shadows play over the land and seems like I am constantly thinking watercolor art.   The Meadowlarks do their warbling as the Bluebirds play around the two nesting boxes Mike built for them.  The quail search for bugs and seeds while their "guard" sits on a boulder near by standing watch for the barn cats and I can see the deer awaking under the fir trees in the south field.  And the Marmots are out in the rock pile in the same field scurrying around looking for bugs and talking to each other.  I remember the first time I saw one in our pile of logs (firewood).  The horses were going nuts trying to figure out what that critter was and their curiosity was fun to watch as they would run from the pile and then come back again to check it out some more, snorting warnings to the o…

Rainy day. Good to stay in and paint with friends..

Really unstable weather today.  A couple of friends came by this afternoon and we had tea and sat around the table and painted.
Charlotte painted three pictures using orange, green, and violet as a basic color in each individual picture..  Amazing job she did.  Here is the results of that effort..  well done don't you think?

I chose a barn from a book by Terry Harrison.  This is my results of the barn done in my colors....

Indian Chief

We did this painting in class today.  I love taking classes with Shirley and somedays I really, really like the subject.  Today is one of those days...

11x15 on Arches 140   We used only two colors to paint this guy..  I like it so much that I am going to paint it again only using one color...

Oh, Pioneer!

Oh, Pioneer!:

I love the contrasts in the photo.. should I paint it? hmm

Orphans!! Beautiful Lampwork Boro Beads...

If I had my rathers, I would make tons of these.  Fun and pretty.  They make great individual miniature art pieces for zipper pulls, bookmarks, cell phone lanyards..  Yup..  These might make a very nice bangle bracelet.

Where have I been!!

It is so hard, during the winter, to try to stay fit.  Argh, I hate working out.  Used to do Curves but gas got too spendy for that.  My $36 a month membership fee didn't include the $40 a month for fuel to get there...

So much for complaining...

Winter is a great excuse to stay in and paint or do glass torching.  Put some electroforming together and completed a couple of projects, also.  And of course, doing pottery also works for me as the wheel is in the heated tack room..   Everyone loves these little "horse pots".  I need to make some more as these have gone as gifts.

I put some new stuff up in my Etsy store as I have been pretty slack in that area.    I think the addition of has really helped with my sales.