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My best friend is here.. yippee

Karen is visiting from Sequim. We are both flameworking artists.. After the initial visiting and catching up on things.. we spent time just putzing with glass and putting things together..
The first part of the day we are going to Ione.. a little town up north where another flameworker resides. Peggy Rose does awesome glass art and is sharing her time with us. We love networking!!
Here are some pictures of some of my last pieces... some fused plates and the first one is a candle tea light holder my DH made for me from an old fence post...

good friends, good horses and good times

At the end of this ride, we have to pass by a latte stand to get home. We thought we might get in line at the drive-up window?? :-) Cheryl & me.
Cheryl, me, Nancy and Mike

Waiting in the latte line behind a car that was probably scared one of those "beasts" was going to run over her car... or maybe she didn't even notice.. she was on the cell phone all the time we were there.!

Do you like Piano?

This guy rocks.. turn on the sound and get ready to boogie!!

Tommy Johnson on YouTube..

Traditional Stained Glass Paintings..

I took a class this weekend on the art of traditional stained glass painting. Better known as enamels on glass.. such as the old style church windows... a permanent form of painting on glass.

The class was with Sherry Yost, a great artist and even better person! Her website is

These three items are the results of my endeavors. I have yet to add some additional colors to these but this is the beginning of the process. Each one of these pieces has been fired twice already to 1250 degrees. And I got to use my new kiln... which did wunerful wunerful!!!

oh boy.. a new glass tool

These were shaped with the help of a glass tool called the Ruffler. They are sooo much fun to make. The size is about 1 1/2 inches or so in diameter..

And I am so psyched. My new kiln came. A Paragon BlueBirdXL. I love it! The controller is so user friendly.

More beads on Etsy

First here is a softglass set of lentil discs. Great for a bracelet, perhaps...
Second set is borosilicate glass of many colors. A textured swirled pendant with matching cubes. They are so pretty in real life....

Fun, Cheery Set of Boro Beads

I love the colors on these.. Put them up for sale on my Etsy site.