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Wish every winter could be like this one.

Unbelievably mild compared to what we have had in the last couple of years. I gauge my ratings on the amount of riding I can do during the winter months. Having pulled the horse's shoes off for the winter only allows for riding in certain conditions. Unfortunately the fields are not a good option as the dirt is so soft, there is danger of finding an unexpected hole but riding on the dirt roads as long as there are no big rocks and riding on the asphalt allows for a reasonably good experience for an hour maybe. Keeps me happy and the horses tuned up. I feel my day is complete when I can spend time with the horses and creative time in my glass shop. The end of a perfect day might be dinner with Mike and maybe some good friends.
I posted these little treasures on Etsy yesterday. Simple, but beautiful boro focals.

Organic boro bead sets..

Any one using Google Chrome? Man, what a lot of bugs they need to work on!! I am back to Explorer till Google straightens out their issues..

The beads recently listed on Etsy ... I wonder if people would linger longer if they knew how much fun they are to make. Each application of color, clear and shaping is something that continues to mesmerize me at the torch. After all that and the annealing process, it is a joy to take them from the kiln and admire their glittering beauty as I string them on a cord to preserve their continuity. There is just something about borosilicate glass!

Beautiful Browns Barrel Shaped Tubes with 1/4 inch holes.

People are using these to adorn horse halters. These are great colors.. Horse on the mind today. Mike and I got a ride in today as it was a beautiful day...

It's my Birthday.. I hate to admit... another one.

A flame artist friend of mine sent me a link to a video to wish me Happy Birthday. I loved it. What a great birthday present... She knows my love of horses.
Here is another link to a very similiar video that I liked a lot and you might enjoy..
I Am - Horse

Pressed Barrels Lampworked Beads

I have been playing with the currently popular Chalcedony glass. Great colors all from one rod of glass. I love the shape of these and the beautiful organic colors remind me of a ceramic glaze. Click here if you would like to view more pictures of these in my Etsy shop

Borosilicate glass organic cubes and.........

I love how you can show off the colors in borosilicate glass with this style of beads. An array of colors are drop dead gorgeous when you coat them with a clear coat of glass to enhance the depth boro provides.. I am believing borosilicate actually provides more magnification than soft glass.
I just posted these on my Etsy site.

I think this is my most favorite style to make..

The swirl of glass colors often results in an unpredictable ending much resembling a natural organic appearance. I often etch these as it provides a soft, velvet-like feel to the beads such as those produced by real stone. These make wonderful beads for a southwest design and men really like this....

Wonderful feature available on the Etsy forum

This is a great feature on the Etsy sale site. A treasury they call it... take a peek by clicking on the link below...
they like my southwest design bead...

Last Two Watercolor Paintings.

The pears have been an ongoing project for several days...
The woodpecker is a project I did in class this morning..

Really cute creative fused glass piece

This was made by a friend of mine that I have been sharing fusing skills with... She is going to town. I was totally blown away by these little dishes. My favorite is the floral. The blue dish is only about 2x2.. great spoon rest or tea bag holder...