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My mistake paid off.

Looking forward to art class this Monday AM, I arrived only to find I had scheduled wrong on my calender. I was rewarded instead, with a class room full of great paintings posted on the walls of watercolor art I had never seen before. In total awe of these pieces, I was promptly informed that they belonged to Lian Quan Zhen, a chinese artist of great talent and fame. Oh how I wanted to stay and partake of this class for the week but, alas, I had other commitments.
Grateful that I became aware of his talents, I was leaving the room only to bump into Mr. Zhen as he came for the introduction. Shirley Wright, our regular instructor, showed me some of his pieces and I was allowed to browse through his books and DVD's. Purchasing one of the books, he was gracious enough to autograph it for me in a unique style not seen by any other author in my world as yet. An actual, original, small, graphic painting in watercolor paints was applied to the page and then signed. It was a pleasure to wat…

Who doesn't like old houses!!!

Took these shots in Ferndale, Calif. A lovely old dairy farm town near hiway 101 out of Eureka.