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Fired up the torch as the dark evenings are now getting longer and I was spending it outside with the horses..  

I love the colors in this boro set..

Saddle sadly for sale...

Upon the passing of our dearly beloved, Danny Boy, I no longer need a gaited saddle.  For sale here:

Where did summer go?

has it been that long?  !!!  Sheez.  Summer is just about over and about all I have done is work in the yard and ride.  Almost looking forward to rainy weather so as to get some lampwork and fusing art done as well as some watercolor painting...  clay would be good also..    whenever I feel the urge to clean house, I lay down till it passes.  (saw that sign somewhere)

I did get into the shop the other day and actually have some beads on ebay..  hurray..  I think this link will take you there...  click on the picture.  
I no longer maintain an Etsy store.  Maybe again down the road but I might put up some things in Ebay from time to time.
I have been enjoying the clay art world also.  Here is a raku piece I did this summer.