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I did this watercolor  painting a couple months ago but don't believe I have ever posted it on the blog..    watercolor art of an old truck.  We actually did this in Shirley's class one day.  It was fun and I gave it to a friend that owns a farm in North Dakota...
I saw a picture of this old cabin on FaceBook posted by Sky Delight.  He allowed me to make a painting of it ... 
I love old barns, cabins, farms and the texture and depth in this was inspiring.  I used some pen and ink for details and changed some things to render it a better watercolor painting.. 

This succulent, hen and chicks, I did last week.  Seemed like it took me forever.  Maybe it is because I am not really into doing florals and this is pretty close.  Plus this is a bigger picture than what I am used to painting and doing "bigger" is much harder to do...  It was a good study.