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New pieces

I have been saving mica chips I got out of my driveway from gravel delivered. But for those interested, I think you can by bigger chips at Michael's craft store in the rubber stamping sections. I used my new love... low-e glass. I discovered that depending on which side you fire against the chips, you can get a beautiful, golden, bronze-like halo around the mica chips.
This piece is a 5x5 sushi like dish and has clear rubber bumper feet. It would make a gorgous candle base also! I will put it on my Etsy site for $25 plus $5 shipping by Priority Mail. If a person where to order from my blog, I will sell it for $22.50.

Learn some things.

Five days without water.. The guys finally got the pump to work today. Yippee!!! It was the electric wire. Conduit is better than direct burial!

I learned a lot:
1. Being without water in the winter is easier than not having it in the summer.

2. The hot tub comes in real handy.

3. How to wash my hair and rinse with vinegar so all the soap comes out. (Thanks, Grama)

4. Horses eat snow

5. Dishes can be washed using only 1 gallon of water

6. I have nice neighbors and friends that will let us use their shower and washing machine.

7. What a Marine spit bath is all about.

8. And the whole world is a toilet for you guys!!!

Beautiful Glass!

I posted pictures of this glass once before but it did some surprising things in the sunlight, I found out.. Take a look at the beautiful blues in this piece!! And as the sun moved, the surreal blues turned magenta in places. It was gorgeous!! So I need to display it so it may show all it's magic!!

Oh, how I love old country cowboy stuffs!!

Husband, Mike, received a really great Cowboy Country Cookbook from some friends. Yup, I have a hubby that cooks.. and he is good. The recipes in the book look great but I fell in love with some of the pictures in it.. after studying them for awhile, I noticed the car in the window (boo!) and the garden hose in the skull and cactus shot. (again, boo). But alas.. I get the concept of the whole thing anyway...

Speaking of horses

A funny little story.

I really enjoy hopping on my "big guy, Dan" and taking a jaunt around the neighborhood and local fields surrounding our property. At the southend is a restaurant down by the highway and I will ride that direction sometimes to educate him on cars and traffic but the funniest thing is when we walk by the windows. I suppose everyone in the breakfast/hamburger, country style atomsphere, gets a big kick out of watching us ride around. Road apples not on the menu though.

What is hilarious about all this is when Dan sees his reflection in the windows, he actually tilts his head with a real bewildered look about him. He is so curious. So, everytime I head out in that direction, he gets excited, wanting to see that "other horse". Just too funny.

Little Paint Pony

I put this treasure up on Etsy this am. Haven't made any for awhile.

I was taught how to make this by a gal in Burien so I owe her some credit for her talent. Her name is Kathy Johnson and she owns Glassexpressions, a stained glass supply shop that has been around for years..

Clicking on the picture will take you directly to the listing. I am particularly proud of this gorgeous little guy!! He is a winner.. What horse lover wouldn't enjoy having one of these as a keepsake..

Tutorial for Making Glass Swizzle Sticks

Clicking on the link above or the pictures below will send you to my Etsy site where I have written a tutorial on how to make Borosilicate Glass Swizzle Sticks and it is available for purchase. Even if you aren't a glass artist, there are some swizzle sticks available for you to purchase directly. I can drop ship them for Christmas gifts, if you wish. And you may request a swirl or heart on the end made with any color.

So everyone gets a handmade Christmas card this year. This is just some of the watercolor paintings I have been doing. They are not any bigger than a 5x7 or smaller but it has been so much fun. Some will receive reprint privileges from my computer and printer but it will definitely be my own artwork.. Can you tell I love aspens and birch?

I have been watercolor painting again

This was a class project that turned out to be a lot of fun.... Now I just need to figure out what to do with it!! Add it to my portfolio, I guess..