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I love geckos.. made this little plate

This turned out cute and was fun to do.

Some of my work on Ebay right now

Use the link above to take you there directly.. can't go wrong at the price either.. Started at .99

Happy Veterans Day

I can't imagine what it must feel like to have someone close to you in the service right now. The anxiety of the wives, children and parents, and the stress of hoping you don't get that "visit" or "phone call" (though I would hope the service would care more than to just call about something like this!) My heart goes out to all the families and servicemen serving right now. And my thanks to all those that have served. You were sooooo brave. A great big HUG to all of you!!!

This is my husband, Michael, during the Vietnam war in about 1968. He was 20 years old.
Dong Ha, Vietnam War 1968. Never knowing what the next hour may have in store for you!

This is my Dad during his naval stint during WWII. I am not sure what year this picture was taken but I would imagine he is about 20 years old and am thinking that was 60 years ago!

Mini Vacation

Last week was an unusual one but lots of fun. I spent a week with my best friend, Karen, in her hometown of Sequim. A very, fast growing little burg on the other side of the waters of Seattle. I was greeted with the damp atmosphere the west coast is noted for, thus cleaning out my sinuses but Sequim hardly received any actual rainfall as the surrounding areas were swamped.

Mike stayed home and tended the homefront. He was entertained by several of our friends and, of course, Ruby Ann shadowed him where ever he went.

Karen's hubby went hunting for almost two weeks so us girls had a grand time. Both of us torch glass and this trip, I showed Karen how to use her kiln to fuse glass. She is totally inspired now and having, also, showed her that she can do borosilicate glass with her torch and kiln, she now has bigger horizons to explore.

We managed to make a big mess every day, in some form or another. A couple days of rubber stamping, watercolors, crocheting, shopping, Casino…