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Lots of things to do...Lavender Rustic Fence and Rustic Barn

So the weather, lately, has been allowing a lot of indoor time for watercolor creativity.  But I do feel the urge to get out in my shop, now, to make some beads I have in mind...

In the meantime, here are a couple more paintings to show off..

Pastel art piece "Wolf"

This is my second pastel piece and was done at home.  I have found this medium requires me to really look at the subject to find the subtle colors sometimes missed in reality.  The nice thing about pastels is it is quite user friendly.  Particularly nice feature for a struggling artist correcting mistakes.

New process for me. Poured paint resulting in this giraffe work of art..

Took a class today on pouring paint..  The giraffes aren't exactly my choice but it was all about the process.  Which, in the end, was a lot of fun...