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Sand Point, Idaho

Mike and I are so fortunate to live in an area surrounded by beautiful towns with fantastic scenery.  Sand Point, Idaho has been around for a long time.  It is about a 20 minute drive north from our house and a great place to go browse the arts, scenery and the stores.  

Our group of our friends are celebrating a birthday by taking in the sites in this glorious place and partaking of lunch.

 I had better take my camera as I am sure there will be many photographic opportunities for my watercolor want-to-do folder.

My kind of picture.. horses.  There is a Draft Horse & Mule Extravaganza every year in Sand Point.

This town is located very near Sand Point and is just as much fun.  

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Fading into the Past by Kay Lodahl
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Cowboy Boots

Went to Costco today and everyone that shops there realizes that they have awesome books. I couldn't resist this one titled, "How to Be a Cowboy", by Jim Arndt. All these pictures were taken from one section, Lesson ONE, Boot Camp. The whole book is darn cute and if you are into western and horses, this be worth the $12.50 it costs.
Right off the bat, the table of contents will have you laughing and reminded me of the movie "The Cowboy Way". Remember this scene?? !!!!

Now for the boots:
"People just feel different when they're wearing cowboy boots. Your stance is taller. You make noise when you walk, and it's a powerful, ominous sound. Nothing gets attention like a great pair of cowboy boots. - Jennifer June, from "The Most Expensive Cowboy Boots."

And these Pony Boots are my favorite. Great spur straps, too!!

Watercolor painting of a Rooster

This little big guy is done in watercolor paints and water reactive ink. He be struttin' his stuff!!

YouTube - Ranch Sorting in Red Bluff, CA

YouTube - Ranch Sorting in Red Bluff, CA
I signed up for a club membership with the NITPA cattle sorting and team penning events. Just took the first day of a three day clinic to do the sorting. I am having a blast!!

Well, I finally picked up the torch again.

Been making these fun little hearts. They make great pendants or even zipper pulls on a bag or backpack.