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Surviving Winter

I honestly don't know how anyone remains sane if they don't have some sort of hobby or activitie to help keep them busy during the long, cold, winter months.  And holy moly!!  What about Eskimos!  Though I suppose their "activity" would be just survival tecniques.  Shelters, hunting, fishing...  I can't imagine all that they have to do just to stay alive.  

We are so absolutely spoiled that the hardest thing I find to do in the winter is keep the pounds off.   I can stay pretty busy but lamp working and painting isn't exactly conducive to a good weight program.  I laugh at Mike as he is always suggesting I can dig some fence post holes, stack hay, plow or something.  I volunteer to help him with firewood but then he says he wouldn't have anything to do.  Okay?  So the horse stalls need cleaning maybe.  Ah ha... therapy.  Only to find out he already cleaned them...   So much for remaining sane.   Guess I will walk up and get the mail..crapola, it's Sund…

Yet another watercolor class but I am psyched...

I took a 2 day weekend class in watercolor art with Stan Miller.  The subject being buildings and bridges, though I think back now.. we never did any bridges but applying the principals we learned, I suppose I could flow with the same concepts.

I will post our projects here but the most fun one for me was the Venice boat scene.  Not perfect but considering my talent and knowledge, I was pretty happy with it.  The biggest challenge was the farm project.   I love the tip Stan gave about using a photo program to enhance the contrast in your potential project to establish it's values.

The pictures are posted in the order in which we progressed.  I welcome any feedback but remember now, be nice.  LOL  I am a student  ...  a work in progress by myself...

New fandangled web apps

Check out the little "store" on the left of this post.  An application I found to help promote my Etsy store.  I am so in awe of all the apps available to the general public.  

Having purchased one of the new fandangled phones from Verizon, I found I have become the person I used to say "hang up the phone and walk!".  Instead of reading a book, anymore, I use the phone.  I actually found myself watching CSI on my cell phone the other day on a road trip.  My grandkids now call me "techy grama".  Yup, I text.  

Too bad my husband just installed a remote start in my car.  Now an app is available to do it from your phone for Pete's sake...  

All for now.  Enjoy my little Etsy store app for easy browsing.  I am off to research stock purchases in the world of finance..  Must be an app somewhere for instant $.  LOL