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Cowpoke Fence

Been playing with some landscape stuffs and this is what you see now when you pull into the driveway.. I call it our "Cowpoke Fence". The boards are from an old farm near here and are very rustic with the posts being pine poles. Our horse trainer friend gave us this old saddle and the skull is actually from a water buffalo that belonged to another friend till it went to the meat market.... Mike forfeited the boots and that is an old hat of mine. Wrought iron welcome sign was a gift from Mike to me and we got the lanterns at a garage sale. An old lariat was also the trainer's. In all, this small piece of landscaping has a lot of "heart" in it with meaning.

And then this little diddy along the side of the house called "Boot Hill". I have boots planted with sedums all around the rocks. Mike gets rather embarrassed when I find old boots along the road.. That's an old antique ladder with old insulators leaning on the house... Great color spot with …

Spring is so busy

But I did found time to do this abstract canyon watercolor. I have since cropped and rematted it into a gorgeous framable piece of artwork that I am quite pleased with. . Mike and I have been working on outdoor projects when the weather allows. Been so windy lately, it has put a halt on some projects. The biggest project is the making of the big pergola (framework pictured above) along the back of the house. Only have to paint about 40 boards!! Sheesh. But Mike did switch gears (while paint dries) and put up a lovely railing around the deck consisting of redwood lumber. There are built in benches now surrounding the deck and I love just hopping out there with the phone, magazine and/or wine just to veg a bit. Did I say I love wood?! Lovely grain on this redwood. Mike plans to make a built in table in the corner where you see that temporary log stand.

Newest watercolor pieces..

I will post these in hopes that perhaps someone will critique them. They are the same picture just done in two different techniques. What is it that attracts you or distracts you the most? What would you have done?

Finally finished up this stained glass project....

I was totally inspired by an article in the Glass Pattern magazine and I just happened to have these agate slices around that I purchased years ago at the Tucson Bead and Gem Show.
It was a fun piece to do and I love how the blue on the inside of the frame pics up the blue agate..
A very cheery piece of art glass...