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Icey Red Winter Berries - a watercolor painting

Now I started out with a reference photo that I took but as the painting progressed, I created my own image and let the paint do the talking..  I like the soft focus background...

Workshop with Tom Lynch

Having spent three days in a class with Tom Lynch, I came out of all this with a whole new outlook in the applications of watercolor art.  Spent the nights dreaming in values, shading, contrast, colors and shapes, all of which apply to Tom's view of true art.

It is all like riding a horse, you learn your way only to find out it is harder to retrain yourself than if you had learned right in the first place.  I am not saying, so much, that I want to change my art.  As we all know, art is in the eyes of the beholder and we all have to develop our own technique, but when I do a piece, it is my goal to have people stare at it to discover what makes it so compelling...

Take a look at this painting of Tom's..  now who would have thought you could make a piece of art from a visual of a studio!   The unity of color, shadows and the light in this piece are dramatic and very pleasing to the eye.  I find myself searching for things as my eye travels around first to the light and then to…

ah.. new adventures...

Having a kiln can prompt one to go into so many directions.

A good friend showed me how to work on a potter's wheel.  Working with clay is very satisfying..  the texture as you work a mound of mud into something visual, tactile and possibly even functional.

The process of glazing is another field altogether.  More like lampworking and fusing glass.  Compatibility issues come into play as well as the rewards of opening the kiln to see what transpired between the kiln gods... having discovered that arguments do occur at times..  lol.   This is the first load they let me have..

I look forward to the long hours of winter where I can totally surround myself with my arts.. though I will miss the long ride in the woods and trails on horseback.

This weekend will be very rewarding.  Tom Lynch is in town and I have signed up for his three day workshop hoping for improvements to my watercolor adventures.  Check out his website to see where I want to go..