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It's Saturday?

When I was working, that was something to look forward to every week. Now.... it is just another day in Paradise!!
Speaking of Paradise... I love this gnome picture. I robbed it from one of Wil and Rien's books. In fact, almost all my gnome pics are from their books.. This guy is a Woodland Gnome in search of mushrooms and a friendly mole to help him build his house. They might sue me, huh.
How can they do that to someone that loves their gnomes and is helping to promote a stress free environment that includes them and their lifestyles!!

Been doing some Fusing

My favorite piece so far. this looks like it is moving when you flip it around... Almost like a hologram effect......... really cool. Two views.

And my best weave so far...

Did you know guy Gnomes will not be seen outside without their little red felt hats... Some sort of rumor that they lose their powers... not sure about that part. They refelt their hats every year..

Does anyone like Gnomes?

I love 'em.

I own these three books and when too much reality or stress set in, I dive into the fantasy of their world. It is fascinating and Rien Poortvliet and Wil Huygen do an awesome job of keeping my fantasy world alive. My husband is Norwegian which helps promote these beliefs.
A friend of mine asked me if they are real. I said "of course they are. They are very evasive but do exist". I think she thinks I am nuts. But none-the-less, when I came back from town the other day, there was this little guy on my front porch.

I called my friend and told her that they are definitely real as I found one on my porch today. She got a chuckle out of that!

Do you know that gnomes are seven times stronger than humans and have a sense of smell 19 times better than ours?

Their fastest means of transportation is pictured below.. Fantastic, self-sufficient, creative little people. They are the protector and keeper of the animals....

Hugh Jackman hosting the Oscars. Yup

You just hafta love this guy. Handsome, talented,debonaire, sexy, romantic, husband and father... he is all and more. If you haven't seen Australia....go!

okay, here is another one

Particularly if you are GLASS shopping!!!!


No. This isn't a movie....

Hubbie and I went shopping in Cour d' Lene yesterday. I adore this town. Found this sign among several others I just had to have...

Looking forward to a great day

Several friends are coming over today and we plan to work metal clay. Lordy, I am out of bronze! Guess my choice is going to be silver today. I have several molds already made up to do some equine pendants and charms. My friends, I believe, might be doing the bronze. Having already set up some bronze to fire, I told them they could fire theirs with mine since they don't have a kiln of their own. Yup, these are special friends.

Spring is around the corner.. honest. Needing to surround myself with soft, warm, horsey muzzles, I went with a couple of friends to a covered arena near here and spent all afternoon riding, laughing, and reminescing about my lost friend. It was a great day and reminded me of why I love being around horse loving friends. I put a blanket on my Danny Boy so that he will shed faster because I am so looking forward to riding more, now that the pain of a broken heart is easing

Bronze Metal Clay Petroglyph Horse Pendant

I have discovered a new art form, bronze metal clay. Not that it will replace anything I already do. I just add this to my repetoire of crafts... Finding my daily activites are surrounded by equine characters be they live or crafts... Part of the healing I suppose.

A sweet 12 year old neighbor girl was coming over to learn how to care and ride. Weebit was so dependable. She had made a ceramic horse with the colors of Weebit. Brought a tear to my eye.

Anyway, this is the pendant I just put on my Etsy site.

Rainbow Bridge.. Thank you, Mary H.

Just this side of Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food and water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals that had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for the one small thing; they miss someone very special to them who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. The bright eyes are intent, the eager body quivers. Suddenly she begins to break away from the group, flying over the green grass, her legs carrying her faster and faster. YOU have been spotted and when you and your s…

In Memory Of

What started out as a great Valentine's Day is ending up a day I will never forget.. We had to put down our old friend, an hour ago, the one horse that taught Mike and I how to ride. We had her for 18 years. She was 29. These pictures were just taken last spring. She had just turned 29. Hard to believe as she was always a very well built horse..

It wasn't age that was her dimise, but the ice in the corral. She slipped while running and playing with the other horses and hit her head on a door latch to the stalls. She was fatally injured and Mike had to help her out of her misery.. which is such a hard thing to do...
What a sweet personality this little mare had. She loved people and attention and would do anything for you. Great trail horse. She loved the trails and won lots of ribbons on trail courses in competition. Our grandkids all got their first rides on this mare. Her name was Weebit. Short for Weebit O Trouble which she never was. Okay.. I can't write any more …

Our Neighbors came a'callin'

Could not figure out why the horse were having a cow this morning! Only to take a look out back and see a BIG beautiful moose meandering around on the backside of the property.

Our friend sent us this email and figured it might be an appropriate time to display it...


"Only in Alaska ....... This guy raised an abandoned moose calf with his horses, and believe it or not, he has trained it for lumber removal and other hauling tasks. Given the 2,000 pounds of robust muscle, and the splayed, grippy hooves, he claims it is the best work animal he has. He Says the secret to keeping the moose around is a sweet salt lick, although, during the rut he disappears for a couple of weeks, but always comes home....Impressive !!

Bound to be someone out there that will raise some issues with this treatment of a Wild animal. To them I say. "If the Moose keeps coming back, what's the problem?"

When You are retired and

it is too cold to work outside... you go fishing!!!

This is a good friend of ours, Dennis. I understand he caught two perch his first time out, ice fishing. He is pretty proud of his ice auger. I love the sled idea for pulling out your gear. Dennis has lakefront property, so access to "our" lake is easy for him.

Mike and I live within walking distance of this lake known as Eloika Lake. And there is a public boat launch. It is a quiet lake with ducks, geese, bass and pan fish. The Russian population in Spokane is numerous and it seems ice fishing is a way of life with them. There is more activity on the lake during winter than summer...

Map we live at the star. Dennis lives across the Lake from us..

Check out these pictures of the aurora lights I found on this website. The lady has some great pics and all from our area near Elk and Mead, Washington

What do you do with all this snow?!!

Get out and enjoy it!! What I like about snowshoeing besides the excercise and fresh air, is you can go places you normally wouldn't through the woods. The snow gets so deep, it pushes down all the underbrush and you just walk on top. Except when you sink to your woo woo because it got too soft..!! Nancy and I analyzed some tracks we came across on her 200 acres (beautiful acrage in fact). One thing is the smooth indentations under some trees was cause by the deer sleeping there. Their body heat melted the snow into a smooth round oval wherever they slept. Had never thought of this before.... I know they sleep under trees but the fact that they had smoothed out the snow so perfect with their heat had never been considered till yesterday. Took me over 60 years to discover this!! I know, big deal, huh. In all, here are some pics of us having a good time.. I love this rock we came across in the woods.

Oops, It's deep.
Thank goodness we had poles because it was a struggle to get out…

I discovered a new way to spend money!!!

Not only is Silver Clay on my list of todos but now I am into Bronze Clay. This new art form is less spendy than the Silver clay but not so if you don't already have a kiln. It has to be fired up to 1500 degrees or so to set up or "sinter" which is the proper term. And it takes about three to six hours. But the cost of the clay is much more affordable.
Two websites I favor for information on bronze clay is and

Here is a picture of my first pieces. I was looking for more rainbow colored effects. My friend, Janelle Zorko, made these in the second picture.

A lot of creative people out there!!!

Hey, check out this blogsite. This woman does soap stuffs and I went to her etsy site and she has handmade pottery, too.. my gosh. The Copper Cauldron

I did the "Souper Bowl" yesterday!!!

I hate football but this was one Bowl I really had fun attending. There was a fund raiser for on Mt. Spokane for women. A donation to the event provided $ for a program that feeds low income women and their children a good meal a couple two or three times a week.
The turnout was great as was the weather. Snowshoeing and skiing with snowshoes provided. They had guided snowshoe trails of various experiences and some marathon events. Great soups and snacks were for all that attended.
My friend, Carlene and I had a utterly fabulosous day! Lots of laughs. I think everyone had fun. I admit that the hottub felt pretty good when I got home, though and I slept like a baby!!

Carlene and me..

I love the scenery there and look at the beautiful moss on the trees. That white blob is a pile of snow sitting in the middle of the tree. It was a pretty contrast against the green..
Snow Angel? NOT!!One step forward, three back!! And then a plop! Too funny. Whose idea was this anyway?! Carlene ne…
Nagi Beads nominated me for the Kreativ Award for blogging. This is a unique way to network fellow artisans and friends. Denise is a fellow lampwork artist whose work I admire. Very creative lady. Be sure to check out her blog for information any lampwork artist could use and I think you might get hungry, also, when you browse through the holiday pictures of the feast they had on New Years. Um Um.

Another blog I enjoy reading is Wrensong Farm. Tammy is the one that got me into blogging. She is a good friend that I miss dearly. Our common bond is animals and if you want to know anything about dogs chickens, goats, guinea hens, turkeys, donkeys, sheep, llamas, just to to her blog site and contact her. She is always willing to help out.

Now I have to admit, I have yet to follow many blogs that haven't already been nominated, so as soon as I catch up on a few I will let you know who I favor.