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New addictions

I can play with paint for awhile.  I can play with borosilicate.  I can ride.  I can ignore anyone of these for any length of time..  but when a new glass color comes out that wows you... I have to torch!!  Check out this awesome purple and blue colors.  I can't imagine why it is on backorder... lol

Playing around with pottery specifically Raku

I posted these little treasures on my Etsy store this am.  Not too sure I even want to part with them as they are so cute.  I love the process of Raku art.  A friend has a raku setup in their shop and we get together once or twice a year to play.
I have not been around this page lately..  Hard to remember it as seems Facebook has overwhelmed the communication and networking world.  But I actually enjoy the blog site more.  Personality comes through with each post.

I was gifted some watercolor tablets recently and it occurred to me, I should do some journaling and sketching of some art work and maybe ramblings of my day.  Who knows but what the kids might get a kick out of it someday and it could have meaning.    This particular blog Nature Sketches has been an inspiration to these ventures.

And for those interested in my glass art, mostly, I just posted some new items in my Etsy store or you can see these on my Facebook pages.  Check out Kay Lodahl or Lodahl Art Glass on the FB network.