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More organic etched beads and wire wrapped bracelets.

Did a different shape on this..  Look at the bead on the left.. I love it, I do.  

And this bracelet is to resemble organic cubes of turquoise wrapped in wire.  

I liked the first one so much, I made another...

There is just something about copper and handmade lampworked etched beads.  Some of the beads have bits of real silver incorporated into the glass.  These are actual glass beads I etched to provide the soft feel of lapidary stone.  Added interest in the form of a small charm at the clasp.  

Lampworked etched beads and copper wire bracelet..

I get so wrapped up in other networking sites that I tend to forget about my blog pages.  But I honestly love what Google's Blogger has to offer...  

I had a watercolor painting class yesterday but had more fun laughing than I did painting.  I enjoy the commeraderie of this group.  Several of us went to lunch and enjoyed the sunshine by eating outside also..  

Managed to get in some torch time, riding time and made this bracelet last evening.  I love it and might just have to keep it for awhile before I offer it for sale...  anything I post here is usually for sale if you could just send me a msg.