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Cowboy Boots. Watercolor Painting

Spring is here and so comes the nice warm days of relaxing after spending a few hours on your horse.  Was relaxing on the deck with a big cup of iced coffee and was inspired to do this painting of my own boots.  

Title of this is "Dem's m'boots".   11x15 on Arches 140 cp.

Keeping Score watercolor western art portrait

There was something so very striking about this pose, a photo from Rene Groom at a team roping event.  She does not know who it is but was captivated by the setting and lighting on him.  

I couldn't resist..  the light is what I was drawn to as well as the subject himself.  He was so focused and so handsome.... just had to give it a go.   It looks absolutely dynamic with a black core beveled mat.   

This is approximately 15x22 on Arches 140 cp. 

   The price for this stunning artwork original is only $100 plus $15.00 for shipping.

Job's Done Watercolor Art Painting

Watercolor piece I did from a photograph by Rene Groom of Prosser, WA.  With permission, of course.  She is a great photographer of ranch living and farm life..     The original is 11x15.

Might make a great gift for Father's Day which is coming up. This is a real life scene spotted at a rodeo assuming it is a father/son affair. Photo reference by Rene Groom and is an original 15x22 for $100.00 plus $15.00 for shipping.