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mo barrels

These are all made with an 1/8th inch mandrel so they might be appealing to those doing hemp cord necklaces or bracelets..

Yesterday's glass play day treasures

Dorian and his friend Jeremy came over yesterday and we played with glass. This pendant is gorgeous. Dorian did it and I am really impressed with the detail in it. The color blue isn't quite that bright, mostly darker like Blue Lightning or Blue Moon or something. It is gold fumed on the back side and has a lovely pink gold color showing through.. and look at the little blue design in the center. Yummy piece!! Thanks so much, Dorian. These next two pictures of boro beads are pressed with the Kalera press and the colors are reflecting a lot of silver.

I love these!! It will be hard to part with them. Some are with soft glass and some of the barrels are boro. Hafta make more... huh.

This really nice piece was mad by Dorian for me. Yup Yup Yup. It is a business card holder. That guy amazes me. It was a great day.

Fantastic Garage sale find today!!

Get a load of this real treasure we picked up for $25.00 Can't believe it. What a jewel and it works. Will wire brush it and apply some stove black then I think it will sit by my studio door on the covered deck. Probably put a plant on it.
Found this blogsite and great story while researching the model which I date back to the turn of the century. Goodtime Stove Co.

Handblown Perfume bottles

I have been practicing making these little jewels. The technique is so different than making mandrel beads. It is blown glass art. Shaping has to be the most difficult but with practice, that should come easier. Details in the glass really make these little treasures so I am working on those additions.The one on the right was the very first one.

Staying inside today. Did this picture

I loved the technique it takes to do this. Lots of fun.. I couldn't get the picture cropped straight but this isn't a juried blog!!

Lampworking Party Treasures

Aw, what atreasure it is. Peggy Rose made this bead doing a demo. I think it is absolutely gorgeous!!
And Peggy gave me this little prize.. I love her!! This woman loves her glass. She is a joy to be around. And her husband is soo supportive of interests. He is a jewel... Janelle made this at the torch. Bullseye glass. She said I get to keep it!! It is a keeper!

I traded a necklace for this unique pendant Dorian brought to the event. This guy can sure do wonders with glass. The pendant is huge. It will be fun to where to that special event...
And this little guy now lives in my house. Traded him with Davey and what you see next to him is a set of three really pretty little texture florals Davey gave to me. More really appreciated little treasures.

Thanks, everyone, for making this special day just that much more memorable. I know Janelle will remember it for sure...