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Wild attempt gone good!

I decided that doing florals in softglass is a challenge but found out doing them in boro is even more challenging!! But look at this! It is about one inch wide..l boro.... Wahoo...
I actually put something up on Ebay this am. I haven't done that for two years now. Boy, they have made some changes... my sunshine set.. clicking on the picture should take you to the listing....

More fusing projects.

I have been experimenting some more with this technique. These projects came from the kiln. The halo gold really speaks to me but some of the other lustres, I am still exploring..

My little Dragon..

I watched Dorian make this little guy. He is hanging in my studio for inspiration!! Lots of detail in him including his tummy. Tummy is made with dichro glass encased with clear...

My cousins front yard

this is a not too uncommon scene from my cousin's place in Ketchikan.. Their house is to the left of the red one.

oh yummy.. I love these beads!!!


Worked on some paintings today..

I love feedback ... be it good or bad...

Made this piece to hang on the pergola

It is made with Bullseye glass rods..

Eloika Lake.. One reason we choose to live here.

The pictures in this portfolio are of the lake we live on. We don't have waterfront property, but we do walk to and ride our horses down to this lake.

The Lake is visible from our little ranch and right now the fall colors are coming to full bloom. Beautiful aspens quaking in the breeze outside the big picture windows in the back of our house. Every year there is a Poker Paddle and it is a lot of fun. The lake is about 3 1/3 miles long.

For the pictures, check out the link above... or here. Eloika Lake