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New art form in my World

I have always enjoyed and admired the art of pastels.  A class was offered locally at an affordable price.  I jumped on it!.  A two day class that had me so excited after the first day that I couldn't wait to go to class the second day to work on my project.  Came home and putz around on it some...  we worked on velvet mat.

Ta Da!!!

Watercolor Paintings Ranch work

I was impressed with this photo from the Farm and Ranch magazine.  The work never ends..even if it's freezing rain!! 

And this guy, he works hard, too.  Between phone calls..
I painted both of these pieces

This particular painting was done with a pen whose colors bleed out to blues, purples, greens and sometimes even yellow.   A really fun technique to use and the addition of watercolor paints as they blend into the ink is characteristic of this style..

It's my plan to sell some of my artwork in the form of good quality cards that you might share with friends or family. 

These are 5x7 on watercolor quality stock and the envelopes also have texture. I print the picture on regular card stock and apply it to the top page. The inside of the card is blank. Reference label included on the back and it comes in individual cellophane wrap. I think I can mail two at a time for about $2.25 Would you like to see them in my Etsy store? 
I am thinking this particular card might be aptly titled "keeping in touch".. 
I can make cards out of any of my paintings so feel free to make a request. Price is the same......

Modern Day Cowboy.."can you hear me now?"

A friend, Rene Groom, is a photographer and she has the best format in the world... her own ranch.  This is her husband, doing his thing.  (probably listening to a ball  

Watercolor Barn. painting I did this morning...

I strive to get loose with my color blending and using more shapes to complete what is referred to as "painterly" qualities in my work..    The building was very pleasing ..  and was fun to do...