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Off to the Barn

A watercolor piece I did from a photo from Rene' Groom.  It was a great spontaneous photo that deserved painting.   Assuming this is a father/son outing, perhaps at a rodeo.  15x22 on heavyweight 300# paper.  Price is $100 plus $15.00 for shipping.  

History in the making..

This is an old deserted barn near a lake I ride my horse by from time to time.  Wish it could talk..  The original painting I did has been sold..

Burro Trio Watercolor Painting

How much fun this was to do... I love the joyful look on their faces.... a happy piece. 

Signed 8x10 reproductions of original art piece.  Published on high quality, watercolor art paper.

Half the funds, generated by the sale of prints, will be donated to the Lavender Dreams Farm and Donkey Rescue located not far from my house.  They take wonderful care of their charges and you can see all the love that goes into their care.   Offered at $35.00 plus $10.00 for shipping. 

Handmade Glass Buttons for the yarn or mixed media artists.. Beautiful...

Handmade Glass Buttons

Cowboy Boots. Watercolor Painting

Spring is here and so comes the nice warm days of relaxing after spending a few hours on your horse.  Was relaxing on the deck with a big cup of iced coffee and was inspired to do this painting of my own boots.  

Title of this is "Dem's m'boots".   11x15 on Arches 140 cp.

Keeping Score watercolor western art portrait

There was something so very striking about this pose, a photo from Rene Groom at a team roping event.  She does not know who it is but was captivated by the setting and lighting on him.  

I couldn't resist..  the light is what I was drawn to as well as the subject himself.  He was so focused and so handsome.... just had to give it a go.   It looks absolutely dynamic with a black core beveled mat.   

This is approximately 15x22 on Arches 140 cp. 

   The price for this stunning artwork original is only $100 plus $15.00 for shipping.

Job's Done Watercolor Art Painting

Watercolor piece I did from a photograph by Rene Groom of Prosser, WA.  With permission, of course.  She is a great photographer of ranch living and farm life..     The original is 11x15.

Might make a great gift for Father's Day which is coming up. This is a real life scene spotted at a rodeo assuming it is a father/son affair. Photo reference by Rene Groom and is an original 15x22 for $100.00 plus $15.00 for shipping.

Copper and Red Bracelet wire-wrapped and all handmade

I love this bracelet.  This includes matching earrings of crystals and copper.  The bracelet is all handmade with wire-wrapped boro beads I made and the links were also hand made.  Fits an average to large sized wrist and can be adjusted to the user.

Great colors. Reminds me of the Caribbean sea shores.

Managed some kiln time and these colors went together pretty well.  Mixed with crystals of greens, blues, and lavender.

It's been a very cold, miserable, windy weekend.  I try to be inspired none-the-less and have managed to get in some torch time.  It's so cold that when you open the window and turn on the fan to exhaust the fumes, I freeze my little hinny off!!

Decided to do some painting, instead, this morning.  Whipped out this piece as I was trying a technique by one of my favorite artists, Mort Solberg.   11x15

Lots of things to do...Lavender Rustic Fence and Rustic Barn

So the weather, lately, has been allowing a lot of indoor time for watercolor creativity.  But I do feel the urge to get out in my shop, now, to make some beads I have in mind...

In the meantime, here are a couple more paintings to show off..

Pastel art piece "Wolf"

This is my second pastel piece and was done at home.  I have found this medium requires me to really look at the subject to find the subtle colors sometimes missed in reality.  The nice thing about pastels is it is quite user friendly.  Particularly nice feature for a struggling artist correcting mistakes.

New process for me. Poured paint resulting in this giraffe work of art..

Took a class today on pouring paint..  The giraffes aren't exactly my choice but it was all about the process.  Which, in the end, was a lot of fun...  

New art form in my World

I have always enjoyed and admired the art of pastels.  A class was offered locally at an affordable price.  I jumped on it!.  A two day class that had me so excited after the first day that I couldn't wait to go to class the second day to work on my project.  Came home and putz around on it some...  we worked on velvet mat.

Ta Da!!!

Watercolor Paintings Ranch work

I was impressed with this photo from the Farm and Ranch magazine.  The work never ends..even if it's freezing rain!! 

And this guy, he works hard, too.  Between phone calls..
I painted both of these pieces

This particular painting was done with a pen whose colors bleed out to blues, purples, greens and sometimes even yellow.   A really fun technique to use and the addition of watercolor paints as they blend into the ink is characteristic of this style..

It's my plan to sell some of my artwork in the form of good quality cards that you might share with friends or family. 

These are 5x7 on watercolor quality stock and the envelopes also have texture. I print the picture on regular card stock and apply it to the top page. The inside of the card is blank. Reference label included on the back and it comes in individual cellophane wrap. I think I can mail two at a time for about $2.25 Would you like to see them in my Etsy store? 
I am thinking this particular card might be aptly titled "keeping in touch".. 
I can make cards out of any of my paintings so feel free to make a request. Price is the same......

Modern Day Cowboy.."can you hear me now?"

A friend, Rene Groom, is a photographer and she has the best format in the world... her own ranch.  This is her husband, doing his thing.  (probably listening to a ball  

Watercolor Barn. painting I did this morning...

I strive to get loose with my color blending and using more shapes to complete what is referred to as "painterly" qualities in my work..    The building was very pleasing ..  and was fun to do...