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Abstract woods

I was wanting to do a painting with a really loose attitude and bright paint. Started playing with this technique and this picture gradually developed itself. I really like the outcome.. Just might have to try this some more and see what happens....

Debra Mickelson, Fine Artist - Home

If you like horses and western art, check out this blog site.
Debra Mickelson, Fine Artist - Home

Original Art on Artfire curated by McIsaac on

This dear woman posted some awesome paintings in her favorite collections. My aspen painting was fortunate enough to be included in this list. ..

Original Art on Artfire curated by McIsaac on

Adorable Friends

Mike and I have some wonderful friends that live in Phillipsburg, Montana. Jake loves to do Pow Wows and Rosie buys vintage dresses and sews her own costumes. Don't you love it. Yes, Jake looks like a real Wild Bill Hickock. Even when he isn't in costume..

It is fall. Things are coming out of the woods.

A neighbor came over today and I was delighted to discover the woods near here are full of mushrooms right now that are totally edible. I am hoping to have some time tomorrow to research locations for these real treats. Great stir-fried with garlic and butter or perhaps onions. The remainder goes into the dehydrator for future use in soups and stews.

My mistake paid off.

Looking forward to art class this Monday AM, I arrived only to find I had scheduled wrong on my calender. I was rewarded instead, with a class room full of great paintings posted on the walls of watercolor art I had never seen before. In total awe of these pieces, I was promptly informed that they belonged to Lian Quan Zhen, a chinese artist of great talent and fame. Oh how I wanted to stay and partake of this class for the week but, alas, I had other commitments.
Grateful that I became aware of his talents, I was leaving the room only to bump into Mr. Zhen as he came for the introduction. Shirley Wright, our regular instructor, showed me some of his pieces and I was allowed to browse through his books and DVD's. Purchasing one of the books, he was gracious enough to autograph it for me in a unique style not seen by any other author in my world as yet. An actual, original, small, graphic painting in watercolor paints was applied to the page and then signed. It was a pleasure to wat…

Who doesn't like old houses!!!

Took these shots in Ferndale, Calif. A lovely old dairy farm town near hiway 101 out of Eureka.

Northport, WA.

Yesterday, I took a road trip up to Northport, WA to visit a friend of mine who is also a glass artist. What a wonderful day we had. Barbara gave me inspiration for some new beads and showed me some great wirework I plan to apply to some pieces real soon. She treated me to a trip to a neighbor's whose place she knew I would admire. What a treat and great photo opportunity. Their whole yard is a work of love and is art in itself.
Northport is along the Columbia River at the Canadian border.

And as many times as I have been to Barbara's house, I have never seen this truck in the brush going up their one mile long driveway. They still have the last registration on it!

This is an old barn just out of Chewelah from Hiway 395.

Barb's friends did all the work on their place themselves. I love the rocks, logs, and antique furniture. The setting was just so comfortable and warm.

I photographed this birdhouse, which is huge, by the way, just so Mike could get a visual…

Sand Point, Idaho

Mike and I are so fortunate to live in an area surrounded by beautiful towns with fantastic scenery.  Sand Point, Idaho has been around for a long time.  It is about a 20 minute drive north from our house and a great place to go browse the arts, scenery and the stores.  

Our group of our friends are celebrating a birthday by taking in the sites in this glorious place and partaking of lunch.

 I had better take my camera as I am sure there will be many photographic opportunities for my watercolor want-to-do folder.

My kind of picture.. horses.  There is a Draft Horse & Mule Extravaganza every year in Sand Point.

This town is located very near Sand Point and is just as much fun.  

Vote for my painting..

Fading into the Past by Kay Lodahl
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Cowboy Boots

Went to Costco today and everyone that shops there realizes that they have awesome books. I couldn't resist this one titled, "How to Be a Cowboy", by Jim Arndt. All these pictures were taken from one section, Lesson ONE, Boot Camp. The whole book is darn cute and if you are into western and horses, this be worth the $12.50 it costs.
Right off the bat, the table of contents will have you laughing and reminded me of the movie "The Cowboy Way". Remember this scene?? !!!!

Now for the boots:
"People just feel different when they're wearing cowboy boots. Your stance is taller. You make noise when you walk, and it's a powerful, ominous sound. Nothing gets attention like a great pair of cowboy boots. - Jennifer June, from "The Most Expensive Cowboy Boots."

And these Pony Boots are my favorite. Great spur straps, too!!