I am a pyromaniac

This is the sign at the entrance to my shop that I mentioned in an earlier post....

Great day today. It did try to snow but gave up. I am sure we will get our share in due time.

Spent time with my friend, Eulah, again and we did some zipper pulls but before we got involved, we went out to the shop and played. She took these pics with me playing in flames. Everyone that has seen my blog and knows me tells me to post some pics of me torching to show what I do. Sooooo, and thanks, Eulah. Mike loves the leftsa.

There is an industrial fan in front of the flame with a rheostat that will turn up so high that in the cold, I have to put on a jacket even with the heater up. The draw is from a window straight across from the fan. In the summer, I open the door and am facing that direction so I can see what's going on outside. It is a great setup.

I enjoy working both borosilicate glass and soft glass. My torch is a Dragon Bullet 7/14 by Knight. If you look close here, you can see two of the three kilns I have. One for glass fusing and one for my pottery. In the above pic, is the bead kiln above my left shoulder.

I have all the comforts of home here for sure. You can see the coffee pot on the big kiln and not shown is the satelitte TV/DVD player with surround sound. Yup, Yup, Yup. It doesn't get any better than this!!!!


Wrensong Farm said…
I remember thinking how great your little shop was at your old home, but this one is far superior! You have all that you need AND elbow room! What fun!
nagi said…
your studio is amazing!
I didn't know you do pottery too--how wonderful!

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