Just the beginning

Here are a couple of pictures of our little ranch out here in Eastern Washington. We have horses, yup. Three of them and one mule. We call our place "The Last Chance Ranch". Our version of a geriatric retirement home for us old folks and animals!

Our little Miss Ruby Ann & her partner in crime
Irene, the Devil Cat. The handsome horse is " my man Dan". Hard to believe he is 22.
Second two pics are the view out our dining room window. Sometimes the horses are out there grazing. Very peaceful scene.

I bit the bullet.. Didn't think I would ever do this blog thing but seems like it is becoming the thing to do.

I have opened up and Etsy shop and as much time as it takes to set up, I am wondering about the time it takes to blog. One thing for sure, it is actually a good way to keep friends posted on what's happening in our world. I am sure they appreciate that a lot more than forwarded jokes!
Looking forward to today as a friend is coming to get some help with wire-working some beads. I love helping out and sharing my crafts. A lot of people in my life have shared with me so I am "paying it forward". A good friend came by yesterday and I shared my newest technique of making borosilicate swizzle sticks with her. We talked about maybe making a tutorial. Everyone is doing that now and I love it.. times are tough and if someone is willing to pay a $ for my knowledge, I'd be grateful.


Wrensong Farm said…
Welcome to the world of blogging! :) It's addicting....I almost don't have enough time in the day to read everyones that I like to.....and add an entry to mine? I'm lucky if I can get one posted a couple times a week. Enjoy!
Claire said…
Welcome to the blogosphere! I learned about your site from Wrensong Farm's blog. I'll be back to visit! I just love the work in your Etsy store and will be going there to buy something for myself when the holidays are over and I can spend on me again!
country girl said…
Wrensong Farm told me about you. Welcome to a wonderful world. I have been blogging for three plus years. I write when I have something to say; sometimes just a few lines or just lots of pictures. The best part of blogging is that there aren't any rules. I'll stop by now and then.
Susan said…
Hi, Kay, welcome to blogging! I came over from Wrensong Farm. I've only been blogging about six months and I love, love, love it! You'll be addicted soon! Best wishes!
Wow, thanks for all the visits and comments. I will look forward to this. I especially love watching Tammy's little farm constantly grow. I miss the association her and I had when we lived near each other. Whenever I need help with an animal.. I just asked Tammy.
Eve said…
Any friend of Wrensong Farm is a friend of mine!! Welcome and have fun with your beautiful world.
Dan is a hansome man!! Ruby Ann looks ready to go, Devil Cat Irene...not so much!!

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