Graduated Set

My friends laugh at me.. I tell them I hate to make a bead more than once...That's true! But by doing a graduated set, I can get away from the "duplicate" thing. At least I have to think about a different size.

Things have been jumping around our place.. A big machine is digging out a "flat" arena and round pen area for me to ride in. The previous ones were on a grade just enough to make it difficult for a horse to concentrate on what he is suppose to do without being distracted by grades of ground. Made for a lot of tripping some times.

This will be 80x140 and we are putting a nice wood fence around it. Mike said I need something to do.. like put sealer on the boards. Ha, he is so funny. But I don't mind. We will have a cap on the top rail angled for drainage and not angled too much so people will be able to sit on it. The cap also provides a measure of safety for when I get dumped into the fence! (Never happen..:-))


Pretty Things said…
I love the set, particularly the focal!
Kay Lodahl said…
Lori, you always have such nice things to say about my posts.. thanks so much for being such a loyal fan!!

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