Living the country life in cold country...

We woke up to minus 6 degrees windchill factor yesterday morning. Brrr.

One top of that, our neighbor's horses decided they wanted to visit our horses. That is all well and good except, because of the snow, our electric fence is not on!! Our horses respect the web fencing, but the neighbor's horses have no clue what it is about... Total chaos when they started their fence fighting... our four and their three.

Now, mind you, it is COLD outside!! I am in my jammies trying to shoo them back from the fence before it is destroyed to prevent our horses from running around in the fields (unfenced) surrounding our property. Panic can set in as there is a major highway not far from here. I enjoy riding in these fields normally but having a horse running loose there is not a fun thought.

Poor Mike is inside the barn trying to get our critters into their stalls but I am sure you horse people can relate to what an issue that can be when there are strange horses trying to get a pecking order amongst your horses. On top of all this, the neighbors didn't seem to be in any hurry to come up and round up their stock!

After an hour of chasing them around the countryside (I am still in my jammies) trying to get them going in the right direction, they took off up some other person's driveway that has horses. Whew. Maybe they will stay there.. at least we don't have them here tearing down our fences. The owners finally showed up.

All this has to do with the heighth of the snow on the ground. Their horses decided they could go right over the top of their fence. I am sure hoping ours don't discover this!!


Barb Anderson said…
WOW It's usually my horses that go down to my neighbors to visit. Luckily Arlyn has lots of places for lots of horses. I will get a call thanking me for the wonderful present! Then I know that somehow they got out and they're now visiting the neighbors. SO I had better figure out which fence is down and go get them.
We have done this enough over the last 15 years that once we show up they act like naughty children with their heads down and we start on our way home. I ruin all their fun!
Glad no one got hurt! KEEP WARM!

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