Mardi Gras Party

Having been born in New Orleans, one of our friends decided it would be fun to have a "Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras" party. Denny smoked several pork roasts and we had hand pulled BBQ pork sandwiches of which I have never had any better. There were a lot of cajun dishes that Kathy made ... shrimp creole, sausage gumbo, and a lot of dishes, of which I have no name, that were brought by the guests. And for dessert, sweet potato pie and bread pudding with whiskey sauce. That's why they call it "Fat Tuesday"!!!

These pictures are of the brave souls (some of the guys even!)having fun. Check out these masks.. these are from Kathy's collection over the years and I think one of the other gals contributed also. The whole place was decked out Mardi Gras style and, of course, we all had beads.


Wrensong Farm said…
Kay it looks like you have a bunch of new, fun friends over there!!
I haven't had time to blog or read blogs lately....hopefully soon. LOVE your garden gnome.:)
Kay Lodahl said…
thanks, Tammy. And yes, they are a great group of friends and we are all living life to the max. Us girls are having a Sex in the City hoedown next Saturday .. pizza and movies and wine.. yup yup yup...

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