Snow Rollers on the Camas Prairie

Changing pace here a bit. A friend sent me a link to National Weather Service with an interesting diddy on something I have never heard about before. Would have loved to have seen this..

"On the evening of March 31st, 2009, Tim Tevebaugh was driving home from work east of Craigmont in the southern Idaho Panhandle. Across the rolling hay fields, Tim saw a very unusual phenonmena. The snow rollers that he took pictures of are extremely rare because of the unique combination of snow, wind, temperature and moisture needed to create them. They form with light but sticky snow and strong (but not too strong) winds. These snow rollers formed during the day as they weren't present in the morning on Tim's drive to work.

Based on estimations from Tim as well as the blades of grass in the picture, most of the snow rollers were about 18" in height, while the largest rollers were about 2 feet tall."



country girl said…
Those are amazing; but for your blog I would never have known about them. Thank you.

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