Before n after pics sure can make you feel good!!

This is behind the house last year. You can see the deck was just put up and if you look at the top of this picture, that is where the lavender garden is now.Same garden here but one year old this summer. All creeping thymes, ornamental grasses, drought and deer tolerant. The posts have been installed for the pergola on the deck.This is the lavender garden just south of the house with a dry river bed along the right side of the picture. An old single plow as a yard ornament behind the ash tree. Ground covered in red cinder rock and all the rocks surrounding the gardens are from a big pile in one of our fields. My handsome, talented, everworking husband installing the beams on the pergola.
Almost done. Just need to add the 2x2's now for additional shade... my job is to hand things up to him to avoid up and down on the ladder.... and then come the grapes!!He has all the railings up now for the deck and pergola. Turned out to be a very nice sanctuary. Look how tall those grasses look. They are so happy and we now have a bit of lawn that you see. The blue spruce used to be our Xmas tree two xmas's ago. Last year's tree was an Australian Pine and it is now a permanent 8 ft tall tree (so far) in the back yard. Give me more trees!! Yes.


Pretty Things said…
That IS something to be proud of!!!
Kay Lodahl said…
Thanks so much and I feel pretty proud.. things are happening.. It is just sometimes like it seems so slow..
Wrensong Farm said…
You two are amazing. I didn't think it was possible to work harder AFTER retirement but you two sure manage to do it!! LOVE the grown in garden bed and the pergola is beautiful! (must be nice to not have 4 dogs, 3 cats, peacocks and guineas rooting through your yard!!)

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