Yesterday's glass play day treasures

Dorian and his friend Jeremy came over yesterday and we played with glass. This pendant is gorgeous. Dorian did it and I am really impressed with the detail in it. The color blue isn't quite that bright, mostly darker like Blue Lightning or Blue Moon or something. It is gold fumed on the back side and has a lovely pink gold color showing through.. and look at the little blue design in the center. Yummy piece!! Thanks so much, Dorian.
These next two pictures of boro beads are pressed with the Kalera press and the colors are reflecting a lot of silver.

I love these!! It will be hard to part with them. Some are with soft glass and some of the barrels are boro. Hafta make more... huh.

This really nice piece was mad by Dorian for me. Yup Yup Yup. It is a business card holder. That guy amazes me. It was a great day.


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