Lampworking Party Treasures

Aw, what a treasure it is. Peggy Rose made this bead doing a demo. I think it is absolutely gorgeous!!
And Peggy gave me this little prize.. I love her!! This woman loves her glass. She is a joy to be around. And her husband is soo supportive of interests. He is a jewel... Janelle made this at the torch. Bullseye glass. She said I get to keep it!! It is a keeper!

I traded a necklace for this unique pendant Dorian brought to the event. This guy can sure do wonders with glass. The pendant is huge. It will be fun to where to that special event...

And this little guy now lives in my house. Traded him with Davey and what you see next to him is a set of three really pretty little texture florals Davey gave to me. More really appreciated little treasures.

Thanks, everyone, for making this special day just that much more memorable. I know Janelle will remember it for sure...


Pretty Things said…
OMG, Dorian's pendant!

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