New pieces

I have been saving mica chips I got out of my driveway from gravel delivered. But for those interested, I think you can by bigger chips at Michael's craft store in the rubber stamping sections. I used my new love... low-e glass. I discovered that depending on which side you fire against the chips, you can get a beautiful, golden, bronze-like halo around the mica chips.

This piece is a 5x5 sushi like dish and has clear rubber bumper feet. It would make a gorgous candle base also! I will put it on my Etsy site for $25 plus $5 shipping by Priority Mail. If a person where to order from my blog, I will sell it for $22.50.


Pretty Things said…
Oh awesome! I've always wondered what mica chips could be used for -- you did a great job!
Laughingrott said…
Beautiful! Mica, huh? You are sure doing some wonderful slumping! Keep up the great work.

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