Blue slumped glass vase

I managed to get this done before we had left for Tucson. Looking for something creative to do with different types of glass can, sometimes, be challenging. But I am liking how this turned out and hope to have it on display for sale, at my "meet the artist" day at the saloon where I sell most of my glass art. A person can use it as a vase or it would look beautiful with a candle burning in it.

Taking off today to my mentor to share some things I learned in Tucson at the Flame-Off and in return, he is going to help me perfect the little bottles I have been working on but having trouble perfecting.


Pretty Things said…
That is just gorgeous, and with light in it and all the other lights out, I'll bet it's magic!
Kay Lodahl said…
I will have to give that idea a try. Am betting it would be pretty. Thank you...

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