Glass adventure to Seattle

My friend and glass partner, Barbara, just returned from a trip to Seattle on a glass buying adventure.  It was fun just for us two gals....  husbands stayed home.   Thank goodness for shopping with your husband is like hunting with the game warden!!

We went to Momka's Glass and enjoying the tour of her new facilities in Arlington, just north of Seattle.  She has a wonderful place to work now.  Not quite as big but it has room to grow.  And Momka is so happy as she can have a garden now and the cost of doing business is so much better for her.  We were privileged to see what's new and her excitement showed.  We were even allowed to offer a new name for this product so it really has a personal touch for Barbara and I.  

We went to Olympic Color Rods and was glad our timing allowed us to watch David Wight, an exceptional glass artist and very personable man that has not allowed his talent to overwhelm his courtesy to a couple of "seasoned ladies" that enjoyed the attention.  We were also treated very well by the crew in the warehouse and in the office of OCR.  Having been there before, I know for a fact, that this isn't anything less than what they do for all their customers.  I even got a shot of pure espresso ..  I am sure to enhance my shopping abilities... lol.   It was a lot of fun.  Like a candy store.

Our next stop was at Hot Glass Color in downtown Seattle.  Both OCR and Hot Glass provided some real navigating challenges for us country girls but with the help of my Samsung Fascinate, Google Maps, and a cute guy at the Verizon booth in the Everett Mall, we managed quite well.  (I had forgotten to take my GPS but am glad now).  I think Barbara is leaning toward a new phone now.... tee hee.    Hot Glass people were great.  I managed to pick up some boro rods I didn't think would be available on our trip and we bought a lot of TAG glass that they had in stock.   We were in total gaga over this guy's tatooes... he had hinges on his legs and shoulders with an oil can on one of his knees.   It was pretty cute..  I called him the "Tin Man".  

Friday morning led us to Gaffer Girls in Kent where we were greeted with smiles.  Their latest glass promotion has kept them pretty busy and they are out of stock again as the 199 and 198 fly off the shelves.  I have to admit that it doesn't slow them down.  It is ordered again and due to be back in shortly so I highly advise my glass friends to order now as they place those orders first when stock comes in.  We did of course manage to pick up a few sticks to play with till the next shipment.  Believe me, with all the other colors they have there, we didn't leave disappointed.  I am back ordering some cinnamon.... yummy stuff.  And a big thanks to Robin Poff for the paddles of color she made for the girls.  It was really helpful.

I only wish we had more time as we might have gone down to Frantz but my glass friends realize that a trip to his store could turn into an all day affair and expensive!!  

Barb and I had lots of good laughs.  We stayed in meager accommodations... kinda roughed it out but what a sport Barbara is to travel with.  It allowed us mo bucks to spend on glass!

Wednesday evening was a real treat as we meet our daughters and my grandson for dinner at the mall.  And on Thursday evening, we were privileged to attend a volleyball game my granddaughter, Paige, was participating in at her school.  And they won!  She did wonderful.

Okay.  Now today I play with clay as a friend invited me to get muddy at her studio.  Yay.   Off my ass now...  Have a great day, friends...  


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