Another day in Winter Wonderland

I think everyone and their brother is posting pictures of the weather in their area.

I am no different, I suppose. I went out with my camera in pocket to clean the stalls and dig out some gates only to find out that "great shot" didn't have any juice left in the battery! Sheez. Was not going to "undress" to come back in for batteries..

We had Old Man Winter drop about another six to eight inches on us during last night and today. Mike managed to get down to the post office and feed store as treacherous as it was. All four lane roads where down to two lanes and not plowed. We need a new snow shovel and guess what, the stores are out! Imagine that...

Once the outdoor projects were done, I just honkered down in the house and worked on some glass projects. I am trying to sell off a bunch of my glass that I don't think I would ever use in my lifetime.. Cleaned up some beads that I made yesterday and put together this pendant for sale on my Etsy site. And here are a few more cubes. I did some others but didn't get pictures taken yet.


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