Baby, it's cold outside!!

It is zero .. that's a big 0 degrees out and the wind chill is 13 below, yup, BELOW 0. Drove over to the trainer's house to check on his horses only to find that the trough heater isn't working.. Had to break up the ice for them. Predictions are temperatures into the teens Below 0 for the next few days. I love the play of snow on the ornamental grasses.

This pyramid of lights is outside our front room window.

Was torching some in the shop and with the window cracked to produce airflow, the heater couldn't keep up. It started getting too cold. Guess I will have to do some fusing instead. No fan required.
Our Christmas party turned out really quite nice last night. Good food, good friends, lots of atmosphere and cheer in spite of the six inches of snow outside. Actually added to the atmosphere.


nagi said…
HI Kay!
The pyramid of lights is gorgeous--it really feels like Christmas!

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