Doesn't look like my old blue Ford is going anywhere soon!!

We call this guy the Eloika Lake Snowman.

This is the "Snowman" and me at our Christmas party. Dennis Jaeger is his name and he is just the nicest Snowman I know, next to my Mike.

The neighbor is out plowing already. Mike was out there from 8 am to dark yesterday, trying to stay ahead of it before it all freezes. This is my Mike, my snowman.
One of the horses was wondering what I was doing. Note the frozen whiskers on Indy's otherwise, soft muzzle. . He is the most curious one of the bunch. Get a load of all this snow out our front door!!

Remember the picture in an earlier post with the cat on the oak barrel? Well, this is the oak barrel again.. No the cat isn't under the snow!

After I go out and shovel frozen "road apples" out of the stalls, I just might hide myself in the shop again, surround myself with the comforts of glass, reruns of NCIS, JAG, and House and blaze away on boro.. Terrible boring life I live.


Wrensong Farm said…
I dunno, it looks like that cat IS still on top of that wine barrel!!:)

Isn't this snow amazing for not even being winter yet!

Love the icy whiskers on Indy (and the Eloika snowman):)

Give Mike and Ruby a hug and a pat (whichever you want to give the hug or the pat to....):)and a big hug to you, my friend!

Guerds been staying in town so he doesn't miss any work.

Not me, I stayed home today. We haven't had any TV and I'm not missing it at all...just listening to Christmas CDs.


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