New Beads... for sale in my Etsy store

Here are some new ones I posted. The story behind these are I never make the same bead twice!! Ha... Pressure. Have you heard the phrase in a song.."They've come to take her away, hey, hey. They've come to take her away...."

And now I make reference to the sign on my shop door..

My husband and I went to see "Lord of the Dance" last night in downtown Spokane.. Oh my. What an invigorating show. You leave there feeling so unfit as these dancers just go and go. They must sleep good at night!! We had seen River Dance in Seattle so this show had to be on our list.

Here is a link to some videos on the show.. Hopefully you have high speed internet. AWESOME.. enjoy.


Tina T-P said…
Hi Kay - your beads are beautiful - just popped over from Tammy's Wrensong Farm blog. I'll have to check out your Etsy shop - they'd make nice gifts for my knitter friends. :-) T.

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