Glass Totem

A Christmas gift from a friend. I love it. How much fun it must have been to make. And searching for all the glassware had to be the best part.... If you look close, my dichroic bead is inside the base. I placed some amber colored glass stones in the top and I can burn a votive in there if I desire.. .

A couple of beads I made yesterday. We had a power outage for about six hours yesterday. The worse part of this event is my kiln was going so I thought I might loose these beads. Glad they were made of borosilicate glass.


Corina Rene said…
Hi Mom! Just checkin in on you. I have to say that although you take great pictures of your art work, it still doesn't do it any justice on how beautiful everything is in person! I love you :-)
I need orange said…
Love your beads! So much depth, so much color.... Nice!
Wrensong Farm said…
It's probably a good thing that I never learned to do glasswork....I wouldn't be able to part with any of it!! I'd be like Gollum in Lord of the Rings....I sit with them and covet them and say things like "my precious!" :)

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