Good friends worth their weight in gold

Spent the morning working Dan in the arena yesterday. That guy is so lazy. I have yet to lope on him. Only had him since this summer and I don't think he has ever been loped with a saddle on. I watch him in the field with the others and that guy CAN lope. He is beautiful to watch.. like slow motion and I want so much to ride that lope. Since he is a MFT, he has probably been consistantly pushed at his trot. My husband said it was kinda funny to watch us as I was loping on him but he was trotting. I suppose it was funny. Then we rode around in the fields and I herded the other horses around. So we all got excercise!!

Then a good friend came by and spent the afternoon working on Christmas gifts. She had never done wire working before so I taught her what I know and she made a bunch of cell phone pieces and a bookmarkout of my lampworked beads.. I should have taken pics of them. She did quite well and we had a great time as we downed two glasses of white zin each. Great way to spend the day and it was gorgeous outside, to boot.


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