It's Christmas Day

And just imagine this... it's snowing. I mean REALLY snowing!!!
Notice Mike's little helper by his feet.....

I see this picture a lot lately.

Mike spent all day, I could swear, plowing and shoveling snow. I did put my two cents worth in and did all the sidewalk areas and porch but after coming in to dry out and warm up for a bit, I noticed all that was in vain. Seems when Mike removed the snow from the roof (for load baring purposes), he had no where to put it except on my shoveled decks and sidewalks.. Guess I know what I'll be doing today.
Sure am longing to see this picture again!.....

Woke up in the middle of the night last night to a sound outside. You are going to laugh at this.. It was a crunching sound as though someone was walking outside in the snow. Seems as it was Christmas, I just assumed it was a Reindeer. :-) Upon inspection, allowed by the porch light on at the shop, I did see a silhouette.. and yup, I was right. It was a deer. Mike was stirring and was curious as to what I was doing. "Santa just left." "Ya, sure," he says. Sheez, just no imagination!
I have been slacking on my productions lately but have been selling a lot of my soft glass stock on my glass forum. I have more than I will ever use in my lifetime. Seems like everytime I get my softglass out to work, I end up putting it back the next day as I think of something I want to do in borosilicate glass. No, I won't get rid of all of it. I do gravitate back, once in awhile, to making organic type pieces that I can etch. I love that lapidary feel provided by this technique.
We are suppose to have dinner today with a bunch of friends and am really looking forward to it, but the weatherman keeps threatening a big storm coming in today and as it is a holiday, my guess is, the plows may not be working. Interesting that both of us having driven for many years for a living, provided us with an attitude that driving in the snow just isn't worth it, unless you really find it necessary. When we were young, it was an adventure. I guess we had our share!

Merry Christmas to everyone!


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