Just browsing through family pics...

I was just browsing through old pictures.. Thought I would post a few of my favorites..
The horse belongs to a friend of ours. He is actually a horse trainer. We kept her at our place for a bit and I got this awesome picture of Moon, running and enjoying the space she doesn't have at her home.

the barrel has one of our cats sleeping on the top.

the one of me was at my daughter's wedding day and I think I was happy.. whadaya think?? !!! And of course, my handsome husband, Mike. I think he looks good in a suit. It's the first time I have ever seen him in one..

This is Mike and one of our good friends. We were so cold that day. Kathy said Mike was warm as we went on a boat trip around the Pond Oreille Lake in Idaho on a crisp fall day last Sept. What great memories that day and I might post a few pics later of the scenery around the lake. We all (10 of us) went to a restaurant at one of the launches and we had a blast!

One of my favorite pictures of my daughter and grand daughter.

Going to head out now to meet a couple of my horse friends at a local coffee shop in Deer Park. Might take in a little Xmas shopping too..


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