One good last ride

My friend, Nancy, has a Tennesee Walker that looks just like my Danny Boy. Our trainer is going to the Rodeo Finals in Las Vegas for the rest of the week. Nancy boards at his place so we figured "Molly" needed a sleepover at our place so Jerry brought her over. Well, the weather was really good today...surprise. So Nancy and I went for a ride, yup!! Was cool and crisp but sunny. I rode my husband's horse, Indy, since he was the first one to the gate and he hadn't been ridden for awhile. Found out that Indy likes to jump over logs instead of walk.. wahoo. About ended up on my nose. Too funny.

Maggie's happy. We turned her out in the field and she took off like a race horse, bucking and kicking. She was so happy to be loose in a field. Makes you feel good to see them act like a horse . Our horses looked at her like she was some kind of lunatic or something, "like what's all the excitement about!".
Nancy's gonna kill me for posting this picture. We were in the mountains in Idaho. Cell phone. "Can you hear me now?"


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