This was enlightening

I am guessing everyone is tired of hearing about snow and can't say as I blame them. Having been dumped on for a total of five feet since about the middle of December, I am a little tired of it myself...

The quad? Yes, I have been running it and actually still like it doing it. This machine will barrel along without a hitch and the snow flies. The neighbors can't believe we don't have chains on it.

Okay, now for the enlightening part of this post...
Tucson, Arizona.

Yup, looking mighty fine about now. If you look close, though, they did get a dusting on the far hills. We have some good friends that live there and they just had to rub it in! I love Tucson, up in the hills on the west side.. Yup Yup Yup

Here are some pics of some new swizzle sticks I put up on my Etsy site. I love the green ones. One set is with a citron green and another is with the same green but I added some of Momka's Purple Haze to it for more character. Turns out that I like them both...

And here is a new style. The idea was given to me by my lampworking comrade... Thanks, Barbara . I am thinking "I love margaritas" or "I love Bloody Marys"

Hey, I heard it is going to snow tomorrow! Imagine that!! Glad we aren't going far to celebrate.


Wrensong Farm said…
Tucson is looking mighty tempting!! Wish I was there right now!!

I really like your green swizzle sticks!

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