Back to normal?

Trust me on this one. I am not laying down. This is how high one of our piles is out front. I had to alter the contrast and color some, in order to show the character in the snow ..something other than a big white spot on your screen.

With all the Holiday Season behind us now, maybe we can down to the nitty gritty things in life. Like the important things even, such as glass art and snow removal. (Has anything changed here?) But before I show you how we do it in the little town of Elk, let me say how much fun I had with all our good friends around the area. My gosh, party at our house on the 16th, party at another friend's on Christmas day, New Year's eve party and another one yesterday.. Life is good and now down to removing all those pounds. Gotta get serious about this, too!. Might have to hand shovel the driveway or something.

Here is how Mike and Ruby Ann do it. I call them the "Snow Goblins"

Remember this picture in a previous post? Two points of view now...... Interesting perspectives.........

Now, here in my little glass studio, my view out the windows has changed considerably, as the snow slides from the roof. I think we are getting a break in the weather now but had it continued as it did, I am sure there would have been a solid white wall to admire. Kinda like and igloo? Even my little deck out front of the shop has a white wall.

This next shot is out the back window of our house but I thought it might be fun to play with special effects. I like it. So much so that I might just have to put it on paper, enlarged, of course, and then paint it on glass with enamels.. hmmm..
Today I get to play in the studio. I have a new tool a dear friend made for me that I am anxious to try out.. All this AFTER I suit up and do some shoveling..!!!! ("I need to do this, I need to do this. It will be good for me. It is good for me. Smile while doing this. Your gonna look good. Ya, Baby!")


Wrensong Farm said…
OMG!!! Kay! I can't even begin to fathom dealing with that much snow!! (The amount we had made me wonder if I wanted to move to E. WA or OR!) It sure is pretty though...(preferably looking out the window from a nice warm house!):)
art glass said…
Holy smokes you do have some snow. I hope the snow will at least inspire you in your glass art.

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