Could figure out what to do with this gorgeous piece of glass.. It now filters the morning sunshine toward my shop.. You can see it in the "snowy piles" picture here.

Indy, "Mr. Studly" just can't stand it when someone goes out into the field without him.. He got as far as the gate and decided it wasn't worth it. He is always the first to the dinner table too..
Hard to see here but this set of moose tracks crosses the field. She must have been huge. It took me 60 years to figure the next picture out. I was examining the tracks and noticed some small black things inside a few of them that just looked a little out of character for moose tracks. After further study, they are mouse droppings. I figure the mice tunnel along on top of the ground, under the snow and meander around inside the moose tracks. In the second picture, if you look close, you can see the little tunnels inside the track.. Aren't they smart. Now I know why the coyotes sit on the snow ready to pounce. It is the mice they are after. I am betting moose tracks make it easier.

I am hoping for torch time tomorrow...


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