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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Guess what I got for my Burfday?

Snowshoes, yup. I suppose now all the snow will melt away and we won't have enough to play in..

Decided to test them out and took a walk in the woods around our place.. It was a learning curve but thank goodness he also bought poles which help a lot. This should give me an edge on my weight loss program. I would like to think anyway.

Now when I got back from my "excercise", figured it was time to take one of the critters out of the corral for a change of scenery. If you look in his eye, you can see the scenery he got to look at!! Ha. This is Indy, my hubby's sweetheart of a horse...
And just going to blow my whistle for a second and let you know that I made it into the "treasury" on the Etsy website.. Wahoo... my heart swizzle sticks. Valentine's Day promotions, I suppose.


Wrensong Farm said...

Congrats on your snowshoes and your Etsy recognition. :) I enjoy snowshoeing as long as it's not just to feed and water the animals.

Wrensong Farm said...

Happy belated Burfday, by the way!!