I made a tutorial on how to do swizzle sticks..

My way, that is. My friend, Janelle, helped me with the pics and then I put it all together in a word document and she formatted it into a pdf file for me to mail to every one... They have been selling quite well.

These are so easy to make actually and lots of fun. A great way to go when you get tired of making glass beads!

It is on my Etsy site... somewhere on this blog is a link you can follow...

I am busy now selling optic molds for a friend of mine that makes them...A glass manipulating device, this tool allows for more precision in your canes, filigranas and twisties. Saves a lot of time, also. A very well made lampworking tool.


Tina T-P said…
I love your stalks of wheat - makes me homesick for where I grew up in Douglas County.

You folks are sure haviang a winter of it over there - friends in Spokane had 6 feet of snow in their back yard - it was up to the top of their fence - friend in Edwall had so much snow she couldn't let her sheep out for fear they'd get buried!

Snowshoes - what a great b'day present - I wanted some Yak Tracks for mine but they were all out of them at REI & I figured by the time I ordered them on-line, the snow here in B'ham would be gone.

Sorry you can't get to Tucson - it is a beautiful city - so much to do and see. Maybe next year? T.

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