New Color Combos and shapes

I love making these little organic cubes.. Am working at keeping them on a small scale which can be a challenge since you are working with so many colors. And I still want to keep the depth in these so I have to allow for the clear encasement.

This set I fondly refer to as Southwest. I bought a new color from Glass Alchemy called Butternut and between it and Blue Carmel, and one of Momka's colors called Stormy Weather, you can come up with great color schemes.... And don't you just love the shape. Pressed into a tabular shape, it provides some comfort in bracelets. "Nubbins", I call them. I plan to make some more today.

Now this set is very popular for the jewelry designer. They use these as spacers. I had no purpose in colors here, just started working glass but these, though I refer to them as "orphans", actually go quite well as a set. Lots of clear and lots of character.


Wrensong Farm said…
I like the oranges in the Southwest set. I guess cause I think of it as a warm color and it's not so warm here right now!! :)

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