A nice reprieve...A Movie Theater

Well the day was full yesterday. A good friend recommended we go to a movie. Well, mind you, Mike and I have yet to go to any theater movie since we have move here two and a half years ago. Dragging Mike away from the tractor is like getting our mule to pull a drag!

Nancy and I thought, well what the heck. We would go. But, low and behold, Mike decided to join us! This is a good thing in so many ways.. like he can be our handsome escort and chauffeur. Yup. And give him a rest from plowing all that snow..

The movie, "Australia", was awesome. About 130 minutes long, it kept you not wanting to leave your seat. Story content was the proverbial land baron wanting to buy/own some small time rancher's land but it really had unique circumstances surrounding the theme.

Time line was during WWII and had some historical value about it that I understand to be true but what I liked most was trying to figure out how the old Aboriginal native played a role in all this.

Hugh Jackman was awesome, oh so handsome and rugged and well suited for his role. Though not a fan of Nicole Kidman, I have to admit her position of the snobby land baroness, was appropriate. My heart went out to the little boy in the movie. He was such a doll and a very good little actor.

Go see the movie!! Very well worth it!!!

There is a link provided above directly to the "Australia" movie website for you to explore..


Wrensong Farm said…
OH!!! I wanted to see that movie SOOOO bad. Unfortunately it left our area before I got a chance to see it. :( I guess I'll have to buy the DVD!

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